isle of man family home design with deck and pool

Architects for the creation of light, healthy, beautiful homes for Isle of Man families.

We have established a local reputation as a leading design firm providing complete architecture, interior design and construction management services for residential, commercial and small institutional projects. For over 20 years we have been creating thoughtful, well-crafted contemporary architecture inspired by our clients. 

modern isle of man architectural design

People come to us because they want something different from the usual; for projects of all types, they appreciate our creativity, professionalism and hands-on experience. We add value by getting goals and objectives right. What spatial qualities will best accomplish your objectives? We explore options and expand awareness of how the building you are creating will meet and exceed your expectations. After a lifetime of designing homes, we´ve had the pleasure of witnessing many successful projects that fulfil their owner’s dreams. With +20 Years of Experience in designing houses and buildings our real added value as a RIBA Chartered Practice is our guiding principles of honesty, integrity, competence and our respect for relationships, so you know you’re always in good hands. 


isle of man architectural design for home remodel and extension

We take note of functional and spatial requirements; designing plans, elevations, and layouts. Help to control the cost of the project, design the construction details for building, and also develop and manage the timeline to complete the construction project.

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Our creativity comes into action by making beautiful buildings that are pleasing to the homeowner, public, employees, and employers but also we design to solve problems. Problem-solving is at the core of our design process and how we meet the expectations of our clients. Our approach is the investigation of that “problem” - listening to what our client wishes, working with them to help them understand what the real concerns are and then developing a design that addresses that “problem”. 

contemporary homekitchen dinning room refurbishment and  interior design


We figure out how to fit the interior decoration, sprinklers, structure and lighting into spaces without negatively impact the building’s users; both functionally and aesthetically. We reconcile the planning law, building regulations, site restrictions and owners’ desires. We make sure the building functions internally; for both systems and occupants; as well as externally; for both environment and aesthetics. We coordinate the disciplines, the details, the team and the budget.

modern house in the countryside with views in isle of man

From a simple house extension to an extensive, complicated commercial development, starting a new project is a highly rewarding experience. It can appear daunting since there are so many issues to consider, but working with us will make the process to be easier. 

modern house in the countryside isle of man
isle of man barn conversion

To ensure you get the most out of your budget, we explore the unique potential of every brief to find the best solution. We help you to optimise the cost/benefit equation. We work on projects rooted in reality from the start. The way we work avoids nasty surprises such as the wildly spiralling building costs that people in the Isle of Man have come to expect and leads to refreshingly well organised, successful projects delivered on time and budget.

 Architectural design for special family home in the Isle of Man

We have +20 years of experience in dealing with different clients, consultants and contractors, and we strive to make the process as straightforward as possible. We can offer you the latest advice on new technologies, materials and environmentally friendly design. 

Architectural design project by Modus Architects isleof man architectural design
contemporary cottage extension with fireplace and deck isle of man architecture
Modus Architects architectural plan drawings
architecture modern house in port erin isle of man

The design of luxury family homes, the transformation, adaptation and planning of modern or traditional residences and the creative reuse of period buildings

We are experienced when it comes to the extension and renovation or re-design of heritage and period style homes. We are currently helping our clients breath new life back into their heritage and period style homes. We will help you deal with risk and provide you with the information you need to avoid those common and costly mistakes when designing your new home. 

Architectural design and  interior design for period home in the Isle of Man


We believe that buildings should be informed by their location, not only in terms of responding to local climate, topography and landscape but also by the culture and tradition of a place

The most sustainable building is the one that already exists. Rehabilitation and adaptive reuse design requires experience in the reuse of historically significant buildings which can be carefully designed to connect people to place and past to present. We believe every building has a story that can still be relevant when the building’s use is transformed by celebrating its historical character.

isle of man Architectural design project for holiday homes

We believe the best way to plan for the future is to design it

In residential building renovation, the most important goals include the improvement of health conditions and the extension of the property’s life cycle. We believe the best way to plan for the future is to design it and the key to a successful design is future-proofing modern luxury. To ensure your home is ready for the next decade, we keep sustainability and technological advancements as well as your changing needs in mind. 

Modus Architects Team Work Isle of Man

Detailing how materials are used and put together is a vital part of our design process

We offer expertise and extensive experience in the creation of exceptional buildings, modern or traditional residences, creative reuse of old buildings and innovative commercial developments. We work with our clients to create inspiring architecture. Our team is passionate about designing informed and welcoming architecture. We design contemporary solutions, and we also work with historic listed buildings. We work hard to unlock the potential of a place.

House of Manannan museum design for Manx National Heritage

Securing the best architectural design for your new building project

We work with our clients to plan renovation and alteration projects for commercial premises as well as full conversion projects to re-purpose the building. Identifying the optimal new purpose for the construction or improving the level or value of its leasing requires an understanding of the space requirements of various purposes, knowledge of the latest concepts in commercial premises and modes of operation of end-users, and the development of work environments. 

Modus Architects office building refit and renovation Douglas Isle of Man
Planning permission and building regulations for warehouse Isle of Man

We work on larger projects for the government or businesses; public design buildings, museums, hotels, schools, multi-unit residential buildings and government facilities

Modus Architects Architectural Renovation Project Douglas by Isle of Man Architect Jeremy Humphries RIBA