Modus Architects is a creative, chartered architectural practice experienced in delivering high quality design and turning unique places into beautiful spaces

Every individual is different, and we are flexible in the way we work. Some clients want us to realise their vision from beginning to end; others prefer to use their own builder and decorate the interiors themselves. We will approach your project with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail regardless of the size of budget or scale, working closely with you every step of the way with impartiality, responsibility and truthfulness at all times. 


You've got a new building project in mind. Rather than going straight to detailed planning,  let us properly test out all aspects of the scheme for you. We will be able to tell you if it will work and what it's going to cost. Based on your ideas, we'll sketch out some designs and tell you what's involved in taking it to the next stage. This service is stage one and can be provided on its own or as part of a full service that takes you through to project completion.


If you want to take the next step, we will develop detailed design concepts and scale plans, and obtain construction budget estimates. Our team can provide you with an accurate 3D walk-through of your new building, to help you make crucial design decisions.

Detailed planning application documents are then submitted. Our extensive experience helps the process run smoothly and quickly. Our 99 per cent success rate in planning approvals reflects our skill in this field.



When you are happy with your design, and your project has been approved, the team will produce detailed technical plans which meet all statutory obligations and allow for accurate construction costs to be calculated. This allows us to obtain prices from selected contractors and organise contracts on your behalf.

Some clients choose to manage the construction themselves; while others use us to co-ordinate every aspect of the project, from managing consultants to monitoring the progress of the whole project through to delivery. We have an excellent track record in keeping projects on course and within budget.


Our process of working on a building project is quite fluid and we wear many hats at various times, from big picture thinker to detailed project manager. Our grasp of the big picture allows us to see what’s possible, and reduce design errors, conserving your valuable budget. We are here to facilitate your vision, provide design guidance, and in the end, give you a great space to use.

We provide a  more comprehensive and  more professional range of services to suit your individual needs by employing a small team of highly skilled experienced chartered architects and building technologists. We offer creativity, high-quality architectural design, building technology and expert project management. We continually train to update our expertise and standards. Most importantly, what helps us deliver successful projects and exceed expectations is our philosophy and commitment to you.

Our Philosophy - Our commitment to quality and to you

As a Royal Institute of British Architects Chartered Architectural Practice, we uphold the highest possible standards of professionalism. The RIBA represents architectural excellence, professional excellence, and pride and commitment. 

Our pride in adhering to strict criteria covering – Design Excellence, Honesty and Integrity, Competence and Relationships

Our commitment to:


  • Add value, whether it comes from designing a building that is attractive to the market, changing use, improving functionality, increasing capacity or making a scheme more buildable.


  • Act with impartiality, responsibility and truthfulness at all times and applying high standards of skill, knowledge and care in all our work. 


  • Realistically appraising our ability to undertake and achieve any proposed work, making you aware of the likelihood of achieving your requirements and aspirations. If we feel we are unable to comply, we will not quote for, or accept the project. 


  • Respect the relevant rights and interests of others and treat everyone fairly, with proper concern and due regard for the effect that our work may have on its users, the local community and of the environment.
Modus Architects project management

We call on over 20 years’ experience of building design. Our commitment to providing quality is 100%.

With schemes ranging from £50,000 to £5 million, and live projects on the go all the time, whatever the size or type of job, we tackle all projects in much the same way, with an eye to detail, a rigorous approach to design, doing what it takes to deliver everything you need for your building project, home renovation, extension or new build.

This is what inspires us

It is through adhering to high standards, attention to detail and the range of architectural services that we offer, Modus Architects has built an excellent reputation throughout the construction industry in the Isle of Man. 

High-quality architectural design, modern building technology and expert project management to give you everything you need for your building project, renovation or new build

How to achieve the big picture: with attention to detail

Our clients' wishes are unique and different from the usual. How do we meet them? With experience and passion. This passion is the reason why we can achieve extraordinary results: buildings that wholly reflect our client. 

If you have high standards, you always pay attention to the small details and individual requirements to achieve a perfect overall result. We combine expertise in the areas of building technology, and creative architectural design, for your ideal and totally unique building in every single detail.

We offer a full range of services from creative architectural design and technical building detailing to building contract administration

We offer a full range of services for both corporate and personal clients and also, provide feasibility studies, expert planning advice and project management services to a diverse and expanding client base who are looking for high-quality architecture.

isle of man cottage refurbishment and contemporary extension

In high-quality architecture, all parts work together seamlessly for a unique, beautiful living experience

With Modus Architects along with services from selected partners and our commitment to a high-quality outcome, your building will be as valuable a contribution to your life and well-being as dealing successfully with the functional requirements of the building's programme.

contemporary ecological countryside home

You have design ideas and whether you are looking for tradition or innovation, we can lift your project out of the ordinary

Planning, time and budget constraints and even public opinion can complicate the process. Whether you are a homeowner going through your first building project or a developer with a portfolio of past projects, the right design team is critical to navigating the challenges and preserving your vision. We provide a comprehensive range of professional architectural services dedicated to preserving your vision, protecting your interests and delivering your project on time and on budget.

From feasibility and design concept development to expert planning advice, we take complete care of your project

The services we provide to design and manage your building project are far-reaching from programming to schematic design and contract administration throughout the construction phase. We appeal to a broad base of clients, who require objective and specialist insight and advice, excellent customer service and attention to detail.

This level of service is attractive to clients who may require a more comprehensive, more professional solution in construction. We act as the conduit coordinating and delivering your project in a single, seamless solution.

It is about more than just fulfilling your needs and expectations; for us, it is about exceeding them

From feasibility and design concept development to expert planning advice, we take complete care of your project. And through consultation with your dedicated project manager, we take care of your concerns too.

We appeal to a broad base of clients, who require objective and specialist insight and advice, excellent customer service and attention to detail

We provide and maintain an extremely efficient and effective service that is reliable and results in high client satisfaction as well as ensuring that your project complies with all and any regulations and legislation. It is about more than just fulfilling your needs and expectations; for us, it is about exceeding them. 

High-quality design that is cost-effective to develop

Regulations and increasing construction prices make building in the Isle of Man today more complex than ever. Our clients are looking high-quality design that is cost-effective to develop; all while delivering a project that suits their aspirations for the future. Whether you are aiming to new build, improve, adapt, replan and extend or overhaul with a complete remodel, having the right professional partner can make all the difference to the success of your project. 

Helping you plan and design inspiring, cost-effective building projects

 From coffee table meetings to ongoing project management support, we work with clients to provide all the options and to determine the best possible approach for their building project. At the same time, our designers work closely with leading engineers and quantity surveyors to develop solutions that will enable us to achieve your vision effectively.

 office interior design

Offering a wide range of architectural services designed to keep your project on track, on time and on budget

The clients we work with not only are eager to hire us for the skills, insight, creativity and leadership that we can bring to the design and construction process; they benefit from having experienced partners in their corner,  capable of whatever it takes to help deliver their vision.

  • Building Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Space Needs Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Construction Documentation
  • Tendering
  • Construction Administration

contemporary garden room with pool

We help you marry what you want to build with what you can build, ensuring a project that succeeds

Our mission is to develop strong client partnerships through inspired design that is exciting to experience, and a joy to create. We work hard towards the desired outcome of our client's dreams and visions for their projects. We are methodical in helping clients see and explore the future in creative ways; within the constraints of budget, planning law and site.

Our architectural services include bespoke architectural design, interior design, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration. We provide a wide variety of services including feasibility studies, architectural programming and project management. We have an excellent track record and lots of experience in obtaining planning permission and registered building consent, especially in controversial cases.

We specialise in designing functional and beautiful spaces

While we love the possibility of constructing a home from scratch, we are just as excited by the challenges of improving or transforming an existing building, modern or traditional. We are an experienced team of chartered architects and technologists who are experienced in traditional design for registered buildings but who are equally passionate about the latest technology and contemporary design.

We deal with clients who have varying architectural needs for their building projects. We work at all scales and in all sectors. With insight, creativity and leadership, we have the skills to do whatever it takes to plan and deliver a project for you that is purposeful, efficient, inspiring and beautiful.

modern home extension with deck and pool

Providing planning and design of buildings across a range of sectors - from conceptual models through to planning and contract administration

We are a versatile, innovative architectural practice with an in-depth working knowledge of many building types including commercial, office, residential, historic and registered buildings. The practice has worked across a variety of sectors on projects of widely differing scales, from master planning to exhibition design and from corporate headquarters to furniture design.

We have a wealth of experience in many different types of  building project, from new schemes for both the private and government sectors, conversion and extensions to both residential and commercial premises, working within conservation areas and on listed buildings. We offer a high level of personal service through all stages, from initial discussions through the design process and on to completion. 

Modus Architects The Team in Castletown Isle of Man Office
 Architectural Sketch Design by Jeremy Humphries Architect Isle of Man

Offering a combination of practical, hands-on experience and creative design

We aim to deliver award-winning contemporary designs of the highest quality within budget. Thorough technical knowledge and experience mean our design solutions are practical, economical and exciting. Whether it is leading a team of consultants for a feasibility study, exploring design ideas, or delivering a high quality finished product, Modus Architects has the skills to ensure your project is a success.

The Left-Over-Space Cafe designed by Jeremy Humphries architect for Modus Architects in the Isle of Man

Specialists in contextually responsive design, the refurbishment and adaptive reuse of heritage places

We are specialists in the adaptive reuse and reinvention of existing buildings for new uses. We have developed a strong portfolio of projects where we have given new life to old buildings by transforming the use, the performance and the interiors. Our approach is to respect the existing and try to bring in an element of individuality with any intervention. We seek out the best ways to respect a building’s original design before making alterations and additions. We aim to honour a building’s past while supporting the present and innovating for the future.

Strathallan Horse Tram Depot Douglas new building designed and project managed by Jeremy Humphries principal of  Modus Architects Isle of Man

 We have delivered numerous internal and external architectural refurbishment projects ranging in size from small home renovations to major building schemes, including work on historic and registered buildings in the Isle of Man. We have extensive experience in planning applications, building regulation applications, negotiations and consultations and offer the full stages of the approved “RIBA Plan Of Work” for planning, design and project management services for residential, commercial, leisure, industrial and educational projects. 

Jeremy Humphries and Jason Critchley working on site in douglas isle of man

Approaching each project through a combination of creative thinking, research and careful consideration of the brief and context and a healthy respect for cost

We underpin each project by a careful and sensitive approach combining sustainable technologies, applying meticulous attention to the concept and details of every project. We focus on refining design ideas to arrive at a solution which is architecturally, socially, and intellectually coherent. Modus Architects is a versatile, innovative Isle of Man architectural practice with an in-depth working knowledge of many building types including commercial, office, residential, historic and registered buildings.

New luxury apartment building in Castletown by designed by Isle of Man Architect Jeremy Humphries Director of Modus Architects

Our experience is in residential projects, commercial architecture and historical architecture. We offer a full service, starting at the conceptual stage. We help define a precise project brief and ensure that the project remains feasible while pushing the boundaries. 

We approach each project with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail regardless of budgets or scale

Our services in project management and contract administration deal with the coordination necessary to manage the complex process of transforming a brief and design into a building. Services include leading the project team, monitoring the progress and quality of the whole design and construction team against the issues of budget, scheduling and quality control. We administer the building contract through the procurement, construction, handover and conclusion of the construction process.

Offering architectural services and expertise from bespoke architectural design, interior design, planning drawings, building regulation drawings to project management

Professional architectural services can provide vital assistance through all stages of a refurbishment project, as well as contributing to the long term maintenance and management of your properties, by providing: 


  • Feasibility studies and master planning to optimise space and resource utilisation;
  • Design of pleasant, safe and uplifting environments for tenants, employees and the public;
  • Specifications focusing on value for money, energy efficiency and long term maintenance;
  • Coordination of the design team and external consultants;
  • Management of the project programme, costs and quality from inception to handover;
Douglas Architectural Services provided by Architect Jeremy Humphries RIBA of Modus Architects