The Modus Top 5: Architecture Instagram Accounts to Follow

 You can never have enough Instagram posts that make you feel inspired. You should definitely follow:


1. Architecture Hunter – @architecture_hunter


A collection of some of the most beautiful architectural designs and art pieces including furniture, homes and outdoor spaces too. Insight of great projects from everywhere.


2. Archello – @archello

Archello is a brand that lets architects and designers share stories and insights on buildings and other projects. 


3. ArchDaily – @archdaily

One of the most renowned websites in the Architecture industry, ArchDaily is claimed to be “the world’s most visited architecture website”. Their Instagram account focuses on featuring trendy architecture designs and projects from around the world. 


4. Geometry Club – @geometryclub

One of the rarer Architecture accounts – Geometry Club prides itself with “the beauty of architecture with precisely aligned photographs from around the world”. What is more awe-inspiring about this account is how their feed is curated as a grid – all images like one another. 


5. #IHaveAThingForWalls – @ihaveathingforwalls

I Have A Thing For Walls posts featured content from their hashtag. Now grown to almost 66K followers, this account has a feed filled with a collection of magnificent walls.