A linear design on an elevated site with views of the hills in the Isle of Man.

A linear design on an elevated site with views of the hills in the Isle of Man. 


This site was formerly occupied by a farm house. The site included extensive outbuildings, and many acres of open ground. The building was vacant for many years, and consequently fell into disrepair.


An entirely new modern country home was designed on the site of the original dwelling. 


The house sits predominantly within the landscape and has been designed as a modern country home with ancillary courtyards and stable accommodation. Hidden from most viewpoints is the two-storey modern rear return of the dwelling that opens out onto a private walled garden.


Internally the house is a combination of innovative contemporary design and classic modern architecture. An interesting feature is the direct link from the master bedroom to the kitchen that is designed to give the feel of a penthouse apartment.


How do you balance the unobtrusive architecture, open-plan spaces and straight lines we want in our homes today with the practicalities of incorporating the fixtures and fittings that accompany the modern lifestyle? That was just one of the challenges facing us when we started work on this project.


We needed to incorporate the structural gymnastics, environmental systems and household services into the design without impinging on the look of the clean modern spaces.


This was achieved through early close coordination with the services and structural engineers and interior designer. Extremely detailed planning needed to be done at the early stages in order to pull off this complex piece of engineering.


This meticulous preparation and project management paid off, allowing us to accommodate the high precision finishes and systems this large home deserved, including frameless glazing and a drainage system that harvests rainwater from the flat roofs.